What Is Search Engine And SERP?

What is Search Engine and SERP?

What Is Search Engine And SERP?


What is Google Search Engine ?

Google search engine is a web-based tool that enables users to locate information on the World Wide Web.

The Google story begins in 1995 at Stanford University. Larry Page was considering Stanford for grad school and Sergey Brin, a student there, was assigned to show him around. By some accounts, they disagreed about nearly everything during that first meeting, but by the following year they struck a partnership

How google works?

It’s Call Query Face for search Voice & keywords and that Query Face Show the SERP ( Search Engine Result Page ) .

Crawlers :

       crawler is an automated program that systematically browses the Internet for new web pages. Google and other search engines use web crawlers to update their search indexes. Each search engine that has its own index also has its own web crawler .

        crawling the task of crawler is to visit a web page, read it, and follow the links to other web pages of the site. Each time the crawler visits a webpage, it makes a copy of the page and adds its URL to the index. After adding the URL, it regularly visits the sites like every month or two to look for updates or changes.

google search Engine to give site oner choices about how to bots crowl this site also provide detailed instructions about how to process pages on their sites , can request re-crawling or not . that file called robots. Text .

web crawler


          After Crawling the search engine indexed or store site information in the Database .

Google Indexing

SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

Search engine results pages are web pages served to users when they search for something online using a search engine, such as Google. 

Organic & Paid both types result show on the SERP.

Organic result:  Powered by Google Algorithm. Organic result listing on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP), that appear because of valid search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

Paid Result: Paid Result Powered by Google Ad-Words. The paid result also showing in the search engine result page, which appears because of a valid paid proposition by ad-word. For paid results, you have to need to pay to Google.

paid vs organic


Paid Result help to get easily & maximum imprecation in from of your audience on SERP, but on a survey, 5-6% of people click on the paid result to get a query description. It’s good to increase your brand awareness through the internet. In case of the organic result you can get impressions and traffic thought good SEO (Search Engine Optimization)practice and SMO(Social media Optimization). On Organic result click 100% made by the visitor.

Final Words : 

Indexing your whole website in Google to make it visible for the whole world with the internet as a medium is a great idea. This method will help you in targeting major audience, more leads, more traffic across the world.

Further, if your website is not indexed by Google then there are possibly only two reasons as mentioned below:

  1. Your website might be having more than usual technical issues.
  2. Might be possible that according to Google you have low-quality of content on this page making that particular page worthless.

Whatever be the reason, keep in mind that Google Indexing is important at any cost for all the valid pages.

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